The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
Bitcoin Mining Pools with Braiins - Kristian Csepcsar

Bitcoin Mining Pools with Braiins - Kristian Csepcsar

Kristian Csepcsar discusses the bitcoin mining industry and the misconceptions about it being boring. He delves into the significance of reduced reward variance, the critical market share required for mining pools, and how aftermarket firmware has revolutionized the industry. Then we explore how Stratum V2 enhances communication between miners and pools and the advantages it will bring. There is also a discussion about the hardware centralization issues in China and the need for more non-Chinese competitors. Finally, Kristian recounts his own journey into Bitcoin, initially motivated by potential profits but eventually captivated by the revolutionary potential of Bitcoin.

link to Braiins- books.

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The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
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