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Satoshi Nakamoto ask me anything through GPT4

Satoshi Nakamoto ask me anything through GPT4

I used GPT4 to ask Satoshi Nakamoto all the questions you have ever wanted to ask, like why 21 mio, who inspired him, what will happen when all the coins will be mined and much more. Discover for yourself the answers I got from Chat GPT 4. Occasionally when I thought the answer was to obvious or superficiel, I asked the question again. At one point I ask if he had ever worked with Len Sassaman. Len Sassaman is a potential candidate to be Satoshi. He was a brillant cryptographer, who commited suicide only 2 months after satoshi sent a final communication

I’ve moved on to other things and probably won’t be around in the future.

to cite a brilland article in Medium by Evan Hatch

Len Sassaman

devoted his life to defending personal freedoms through cryptography, working as a developer on PGP encryption and open-source privacy technology, as well as an academic cryptographer researching P2P networks under blockchain inventor David Chaum.

He was also a pillar of the hacker community: a friend and influence to so many of the important figures in the history of infosec and cryptocurrency.

Furthermore we think, by the time stamps of some of Satoshis messages, that at one point he was in europe. At that time Len Sassaman was working in Belgium, with David Chaum. I have included a link to the article in the show notes.

Enjoy, and remember it is just an AI answering you. You will judge for yourself the quality of the responses.

Link to article

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The Swiss Road To Crypto
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