The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
Cyril Lapinte - Bringing Compliance to Defi

Cyril Lapinte - Bringing Compliance to Defi

Cyril Lapinte is a programmer by education. He worked at the SIX, the Swiss Exchange and in a Swiss bank before developing the defi community in Switzerland. He is the main architect behind C-layer. “C” like compliance is a layer of code that brings compliance to defi. Cyril will explain to us in detail what C-layer is, why it is important, and what role compliance should have in defi.

time stamps

00:00 introduction

06:00 what is c-layer

07:50 why do we need compliance

10:00 compliance is good

10:50 what is holding back institutions getting into defi

19:30 advantages of defi over cefi

21:30 comparaison defi-cefi

24:58 next big bubble will come from crypto exchanges

28:40 blockchain as a governance mechanism

36:16 compliance is another way to do governance

38.10 proof of stake and governance

45:30 liquidity and defi

52:00 rapid fire questions

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This podcast is produced by Didier Borel and Mikhael Junod

Copyright © *2020* *The Swiss Road to Crypto*, All rights reserved.

The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
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