The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
January Monthly Review

January Monthly Review

Welcome to The Swiss Road to Crypto monthly review. In this series, we review the major news headlines from Switzerland and the world of the past month and discuss what we think was important. To do this I am joined again by Mauro Cappiello founder and CEO of Blockchain innovation group, co-chair of the entreprise working group at CVA and Alex Poltorak, partner of Blockchain innovation group and co-founder of Alsenet.

Blockchain Innovation Group

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This podcast is edited by Mikhael Junod, produced by Mikhael Junod and Didier Borel.

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This podcast is produced by Didier Borel and Mikhael Junod

Copyright © *2020* *The Swiss Road to Crypto*, All rights reserved.

The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
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