The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
Liquity, an Ether backed stable coin, created in Switzerland

Liquity, an Ether backed stable coin, created in Switzerland

I talk to Micheal Svoboda, he is the COO of Liquity. Liquity is a collateralized back stable coin. It is backed by Ether. It is therefore completely different from Terra-Luna. Its closest relative is the Dai stable coin. However Liquity has 2 major advantages over Dai. First, it is interest free and second the minimum over collateralization rate is much lower, 110% compared to 150%. Micheal Svoboda describes how it works, their great success in just 2 years, regulatory issues and more.

Time stamps

02:10 What is Liquity and how it works

03:13 Different types of stable coins

06:26 Comparaison to Dai

08:42 Importance of price oracles

14:47 When Liquity started and its fast growth

16:07 How the fees serve the protocol

19:09 Why no interest rate

19:45 How they achieved such fast growth

21:50 Regulation and protocol independence from the company

22:32 Hook up with Bitcoin Suisse

23:58 Regulation FINMA and decentralization

27:17 How to open a position in LUSD

30:42 Three main use cases of LUSD

33:16 How my opinion of Defi has changed

40:30 Innovation in Defi

43:44 Defi and Tokenomics

45:50 Tokenomics, the commons and scaling



Liquity website



Micheal Svoboda



Metaforum in Lugano


Shift crypto




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The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
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