The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
Relai - The easy and secure app to buy bitcoin

Relai - The easy and secure app to buy bitcoin

Julian Liniger CEO and co-founder of Relai. Relai is an app developed in Switzerland that allows you to buy bitcoin without entering your personal data. We discuss what Relai is, their genesis, their current growth, their client makeup and more. We also delve into what it's really like creating a crypto startup in Switzerland and dealing with traditional banks.

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01:35 What is Relai, who is it for?

03:11 The genesis of Relai

13:21 KYC-less, and Mica and regulation

19:29 Input from Alexis Roussel, co-founder of Bity

24:22 What it is like dealing with swiss banks as a crypto start-up

29:20 Clients and client profiles

31:46 Reasons for current growth

41:01 Rapid fire questions

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The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
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