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The Swiss Road To Crypto
Richard Astle - Fireblocks

Richard Astle - Fireblocks

Today I am pleased to speak to Richard Astle. Richard is the head of Switzerland and Middle East at Fireblocks. Fireblocks is a platform for institutions to help them custody and manage crypto assets as well as access Defi. Their clients are mainly institutions trading crypto and custodying crypto for clients.

In this episode we discuss

- Hot, cold and warm storage

- Advantages of MPC - multiparty computation

- How blockchain settlements differ from legacy settlements

- The threat to legacy banks of challenger banks and Coinbase

- Client demand for Defi


00:00 Introduction

00:51 What problem Fireblocks is solving

01:56 Hot warm and cold storage

03:11 How it works

07:49 Advantages of MPC-multiparty computation

11:07 How blockchain settlements are different from legacy settlements

17:03 Timeline for DLT adoption

17:35 Blockchain 3 party accounting system

19:16 Fragmentation of bank infrastructure and where legacy systems come from

24:35 risk of legacy banks business model

24:51 Challenger banks and Coinbase

28:21 How Fireblocks vision of crypto trading was novel

29:21 Growth at Fireblocks

31:49 Legacy and crypto native institutions co-existing

32:55 How banks could evolve

33:34 Fireblocks - Milestones

35:03 Client demand for Defi

38:11 Fireblocks and Aave arc


Richard Astle Linkedin


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Copyright © *2020* *The Swiss Road to Crypto*, All rights reserved.

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The Swiss Road To Crypto
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