The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
What is Nostr, how does it work, and what can you do with it?

What is Nostr, how does it work, and what can you do with it?

We discuss Nostr, its 3 main components, relais, clients and key pairs. We discuss why Nostr is different than Twitter, and potential applications. I am joined by Alex Poltorak founder of Hodling SA, provider of self-custodial security solutions for large holders of bitcoin and Massimo Musumeci and physicist and security specialist at Denali.

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03:54 What is Nostr, 3 components, clients, relais and key pairs 

12:47 NIPs, what are they?

13:55 NIP 5, NIP 57 and others

20:55. Coinjoin with Nostr and other possible applications 

25:41 Key management

30:55. Why woud you want to use Nostr

41:51. Rapid fire questions



list of some people on Twitter and their Nostr. public keys

some clients

for iphone only

Damus- on the app store

wallet extension for chrome based browsers for generating keys

Nostr user names

Alex Poltorak

user name -


Massimo Musumeci

user name


his website

The Swiss Road To Crypto

user name - theswissroadtocrypto


tip me in sats at

massimo musumecci presentation of nostr in french

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The Swiss Road to Crypto
The Swiss Road To Crypto
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